• You Won’t Believe How Many People This Average Doll Inspired


    So if your goal has ever been to look like a Barbie doll, then your life may have gotten a little easier. Say hello to the Lammily doll. The doll created with normal body proportions as opposed to the unrealistic body of a Barbie doll.

    Artist Nickolay Lamm has raised over $200k in JUST 2 DAYS through his crowdfunding campaign to produce a run of Lammily dolls, and there’s still 28 days left in the campaign.

    The idea spawning from an art project last year where Nikolay made an image of how Barbie would actually look with average body proportions.
    The image went viral and Lamm got requests to the create the real thing, he said.

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    “Rather than criticizing her, we should make a proof of concept to show that a doll can actually look good if she were a normal woman,” Lamm told USA TODAY Network.

    The dolls are expected in November and there’s still time to order your very own Lammily Doll.

    So will dolls like this give children & future generations more realistic expectations of a women’s physique? I’ve heard some say that considering this doll average is like a slap in the face! Did Barbie dolls skew your perception of the body growing up?


    Personally, I’ll admit that my He-Man, G.I. Joe & Wrestling action figures may have left a slight imprint in my psyche as a child. I wouldn’t say it was in a negative way though. I just always associated huge unrealistic muscles with being a tough guy. Now I just associate them with gym selfies & spray tans.

    Source: USA Today

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