• 2 Movies That Changed My Life

    Allow me to share with you 2 of the most important & life changing films that I’ve ever seen.  It’s crazy to me how few people have seen these films.  I reference them all the time whether it be to the clerk at Vitamin Shoppe or the yoga pants at Whole Foods (you know what I’m talking about) & people always give me that WTF are you talking about stare.  Both movies are documentaries on food & how unaware the entire world is about what we are really eating.


    The first which I saw years ago after suffering some terrible food poisoning at MCD’s (article) and is the sole reason I began eating organic foods is Food INC.  It examines corporate farming in the United States & uncovers how unhealthy most food really is.  The 2nd movie is Food Matters which explores nutrition, malnutrition and cancer causes.  I’m not kidding when I tell you that these movies have changed my life.  The information which I learned & implemented into my lifestyle have changed not only my physique, but my mind & overall health.  So if you’ve been wondering why that diet plan & fat burner aren’t working out for you then expand your knowledge on the most important factor in the equation, FOOD!!!

    So…want to see them?



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