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3 Healthy Coffee Alternatives – BuffBlogger
  • 3 Healthy Coffee Alternatives


    Some healthy alternatives for morning coffee, and reasons why I steer clear of it.

    I’ve never been a coffee drinker, more an energy drink kinda guy if anything.  I did however conquer my battle with Mt Dew, it was my go to beverage in the morning for years.

    My old breakfast

    Mt Dew & Pretzel – My old breakfast

    Eventually I realized how much water I was missing out on every morning by drinking so much pop (yes pop, Midwest represent). I slowly transitioned to energy drinks, which wasn’t much better but at least a smaller serving.

    Now I stick to the list I’ve created below. Not only does it go hand & hand with my weight training but it’s a noticeable healthy clean source of energy to start off my day. So for the coffee drinkers asking why would I ever quit or switch, the first thing that that comes to mind is how coffee can suppress your appetite.

    What do you think happens when you kill you appetite in the morning? Then you fill up on the “value menu” for lunch, you’ve just ruined the entire day by this point. Multiply that out for a work week & just imagine how little nutrition your providing your body over a lifetime. If you’d like some more negative effects of coffee visit HealthAmbition.


    Throw a few slices in a pitcher before bed

    Lemon Water – Throw a few slices in a pitcher before bed


    The #1 hands down best thing you can possible do for your body is drink water first thing in the morning. I know, no caffeine & totally boring.

    Well by simply adding some lemon to a pitcher it provides more nutritional values then you’d think. Benefits include: aids in digestion, weight loss, cleanses your system, boosts immune system, clear skin & more. I slice up one lemon every night before bed & drop it into a pitcher of water,done!

    For the top 10 list of reasons to drink lemon water in the morning visit Tasty Yummies




    1 Scoop in water

    BCAA’s – 1 Scoop in water

    One of my favorite meat-head secrets is drinking a glass of BCAA’s first thing in the morning. It quickly delivers the amino’s into muscles to be used as fuel.

    Your body does all it’s repairing while you’re asleep & BCAA’s help to build the muscles back up faster once you awake. So how does this help as a substitute for coffee? Well for starters they help charge your muscles providing them with energy, in addition to improving concentration & preventing exhaustion.  

    BCAA’s are not just for meat-head’s & giant muscles, you actually receive them naturally in foods. For a full list of the benefits check out Dietriffic



    1 Pill in the morning with breakfast

    1 Pill in the morning with breakfast

    Green Tea might be the best bet for those seeking caffeine as it does contain some, roughly 40 milligrams in an 8oz cup.

    In addition to the caffeine kick green tea also comes a plethora of nutritional values including EGCG. The powerful anti-oxidant EGCG has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, killing cancer cells without harming the healthy tissue. 

    I currently use the triple strength green tea extract which provides 750 mg & 45% EGCG (It is decaffeinated). You could stack 1 pill with some BCAA’s in the morning for a very clean & focused source of energy. For more green tea benefits visit Lifehack



    This is just a handful of ideas which you could use as the morning pick me up. I’m sure there’s countless others,even know some people who drink coconut water or ginseng. I just wanted to share the options which I know work & currently rely on. We have a tendency as humans to create negative patterns & find a sick sense of enjoyment from repeating them. Once you interrupt the pattern you will find that the enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle is even greater, I can confirm it from my own experiences. 


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