A compilation of fitness, nutrition, motivation and, most importantly, entertainment. I had spent several years in the blogosphere before I realized that my life’s true passion for fitness & a healthy way of life needed a home of its own and in 2009 Buffblogger.com was born.

Buff Blogger - Trainer & Life Coach


My journey into fitness / bodybuilding began back in 2001, the year I graduated High School. Coincidentally it was the same year I got my first gym membership (Lifetime Fitness).

Before I dove head first into this new lifestyle I had previously struggled with finding my place in life. The decision to make change in your life can often be the hardest one to make and even harder to follow through on. The friends and daily routines that I used to turn to for comfort all slowly faded away. Many friends resented my new attitude and ultimately disappeared.

The goal I had set in my mind was now in control of my life and for the first time my friends and partying were not. Everything starts to come together when you finally have a GOAL for your life; a plan that you know you will see through till the end.

I believe it gives your body and mind the strength to carry on through anything. It’s the key to a meaningful, successful, and rewarding life.

Buff Blogger - Trainer & Life Coach






My Mission

My mission is to provide any and all information that I’ve learned over the 15+ years of my healthy way of life. I talk to people everyday who tell me they wish they were happier, more confident, or still struggle with obstacles in their lives. If any of the lessons I’ve learned or advice I can offer helps a single person for the better, then I couldn’t know any greater joy. I understand that wanting to change your life can often be scary and seem like an impossible task. However, if it was possible for me, then I know it is for you as well  -Buff Blogger