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Arm Training – BuffBlogger
  • Arm Training

    Overhead One Arm Tricep Extension

    3 Sets (10REPS, 6-8REPS, 4-6REPS)

    – This picture is very close to the form I use.
    –  I lower weight all the way down so the dumbbell is almost touching opposite shoulder.
    – Stabilize your body by placing opposite hand across chest.
    – When you extend it should feel like it’s from a dead hang position .
    – Keep tension on tricep throughout lift.

    Preacher Curl

    3 SETS (8REPS x 2 sets, 4 REPS)

    – Important thing here is not to hunch over the pad.
    – Keep your triceps flat and pressed firmly against the pad.
    – Squeeze with biceps, no rocking or swinging.
    – Use slow controlled reps,should be able to count to five on way down



    Tricep Extension Off Rack

    3 Sets (10REPS, 4-6REPS x’s 2 SETS)

    – Lay on flat bench in a squat rack.
    – Place hands roughly shoulder width apart.
    IMPORTANT – Do not lift off with triceps, line up the bar chest level then push up like you would bench press.
    Now lower down to the rack & then extend just like you would a skull crusher.
    – FYI This is my fav exercise for triceps, perfect this lift & I promise you’ll see huge gains.


    One Arm Hammer Curls

    3 SETS (6-8REPS)

    – I prefer to do this one on the standing preacher curl.
    – Similar to a regular curl except your hand is positioned like in the photo through the lift.
    – Make sure to keep the tension on the bicep all the way up & down.


    Reverse Tricep Cable Extensions

    3 Sets (8-10REPS)

    – I prefer the bar which has a shape similar to a “W” if available.
    – Keep hands to the very outside of the bar & elbows in to body.
    – Extend downward pulling with triceps, slight pause at bottom.


    Seated Dumbbell Curls

    3 Sets (8-10REPS, 6-8REPS, 4-6 REPS)

    – Position bench similar to the photo, I’d go back even one more notch.
    – Allow both arms to hang down to a comfortable position.
    Curl weight all the way up pulling through with biceps,try keeping your pinkeys turned inward as much as possible creating an extra pull to the bicep head.

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