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Arnold Classic 2010 – BuffBlogger
  • Arnold Classic 2010

    The Arnold 2010

    Although I didn’t get the chance to visit the 2010 Arnold Classic I made sure to watch the replay of the finals at Bodybuilding.com . I had the top 6 picked easily and almost in exact order. The biggest difference that I saw was that I would have switched  Branch Warren with Kai Greene having Branch in 1st & Kai in 3rd. Other than that I feel like the other placings were dead on with Phil Heath in 2nd, Dexter Jackson in 4th, Toney Freeman in 5th & Ronny Rockel in 6th.

    I’m a big fan of Phil Heath and think that he has the potential to be the best in the world very soon. It was great to see Ronny in the top 6 as he so deserved it. I have just a couple observations about watching the show from home. First  it would really help if it was filmed in HD. The quality of the video was good, but to really see the difference in conditioning between the competitors you need an HD screen.

    The other thing that has always bothered me about bodybuilding shows is the onstage announcer. It’s usually very obvious that they are not professional speakers and are just making it up as they go. To me it hurts the overall presentation of the show and slightly takes the focus off the competitors. They should hire a professional announcer (like before an NBA game) and have him sit backstage and read the info from a card. I think it would move the show along at a much better pace and keep the excitement level higher. Other than that it seemed like a great event. Here’s a link to all your Arnold Classic News.

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