• Back Training


    4 Sets (10REPS, 6-8REPS, 4-6 REPS, 2-3REPS)

    – Feet just about shoulder width apart,I use a overhand grip with both hands (most use one over one under).
    – KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, back should be flat.
    – Begin to pull the weight up and then drive through your heels till fully extended.
    – Allow the weight to lower you back down while keeping head up & back from rounding.
    – Dead lifting takes practice but is an absolute MUST DO EXERCISE!


    Lat Pulldowns

    4 SETS (8-10REPS x 2 sets, 6-8 REPS x 2 sets)

    – I keep my hands all the way to the very end of the bar.
    – Knees locked TIGHT under pad & feet firmly planted to ground.
    Lean back slightly, the photo shows good form as to how far.
    Keep body firmly planted & pull down with your lats NOT YOUR BICEPS!
    – Try to hold for 1-2secs before releasing weight between reps.



    One Arm Dumbbell Row

    3 Sets (6-8REPS)

    – I prefer to stand over a dumbbell rack usually the one near the mirror, the slight incline takes pressure off my lower back.
    – Allow the weight to reach a dead hang then begin to pull all the way back with lat.
    – Hold for 1-2 at top of lift before releasing weight.


    Straight Arm Lat Pulldown

    3 SETS (6-8reps x’s 2 sets, 4-6REPS)

    – I use a shorter straight bar if possible,hands shoulder width apart.
    – Keep arms straight with a slight bend as you pull down.
    – Head & back should stay up & tight.
    – Squeeze at bottom of lift then allow weight back up slowly.


    Cable Row

    4 Sets (8-10REPS)

    – Knees slightly bent, torso straight up.
    – Begin to pull weight till reaches abdomen.
    – Allow weight to return and pull you with it naturally then dig heels & drive back through.
    – I finish reps with body leaning slightly more forward then in photo & arms pulled back as much as possible.

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