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  • Before & After


    The other day I was talking with some friends who’ve known me my entire life. We were discussing the different topics I’ve shared here on my blog. They pointed out to me that the most impressive and inspirational thing to them was how much I’ve improved my physique over the years in the gym. They suggested that I change my Facebook or MySpace default photo to ‘before’ pictures of me.

    Although I’m not sure yet if I want to look at terrible ‘before’ pics of myself every time I’m online, I don’t mind sharing them here on the blog. I guess when you’ve been pursuing a goal for as long as I’ve been sometimes you forget to look back and appreciate  how far you’ve come.

    In the photo on the left I weighed 135lbs and on the right 195lbs. The pics were taken several years apart and I can remember people saying back then that I’d never get to where I am now, and now I’m sure that there are people who think I will never get to where I’m going.  I really hope that this helps encourage someone who’s trying to make a change in their life. If I did it then so can you.

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