• Chest Training

    Decline Barbell Press

    4 Sets (10REPS, 6-8REPS, 4-6 REPS, 2-3REPS)

    – I use a flat bench in a smith machine & stack three 45lb plates under the bottom near feet.
    – When lowering the weight make sure your elbows are tight but push through with chest not shoulders/biceps.
    – On last/heavy set I make sure to use my shoulders only to unlock the weight, staying tight then slowly letting my chest take the weight.
    – Sometimes I will lay a 45lb plate on my lap for support on heavier sets.

    Incline Press Hammer Strength

    4 SETS (8-10REPS x 2 sets, 6-8 REPS x 2 sets)

    – I prefer some kind of hammer strength machine for incline to put less stress on my delts.
    – Finding the proper level for the seat is important, remember it’s chest press not shoulder.
    – It helps me to tuck my chin into my chest so that I can feel the my pecs working.
    – Keep the pecs under pressure and try to avoid locking out.



    Pec Fly

    3 SETS (8-10 x’s 2 SETS, 6-8REPS)

    – I position myself so that my chest is just about even with the handles.
    – I also set the machine so it’s on the very last hole available for the pec fly (not the rear delt hole).
    I keep my chest up & chin in while reaching as far back as I can go while maintaining the stretch in my pecs
    – It’s important to try & keep your delts from doing doing most of the work on this exercise.

    Low Cable Fly

    3 SETS (8-10REPS x’s 2 sets, 4-6REPS)

    – First set the handles to the very bottom of the machine
    – Once holding handles let arms drop down at sides.
    Then take a large step forward but keep you hands in same position.
    – Raise up to chin with elbows slightly bent (keep chest out chin tucked in)

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