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Delt Training – BuffBlogger
  • Delt Training

    Military Press Smith Machine

    4 Sets (10REPS, 6-8REPS x’s 2SETS, 4-6 REPS,)

    – Use an adjustable bench and set it about one or 2 notches down from being straight up.
    – Also turn the seat up as much as possible so you are wedged in it.
    – Shoulder width grip lower weight to chin.
    – Push up through delts, a slight pause at top is ok but try not to lock out.



    Upright Rows

    3 SETS (6-8REPS x 2 sets, 4-6 REPS)

    – Use an Olympic like a man not the curl bar like in this photo.
    – Keep about 2 fists distance between hands.
    – Now raise the bar & imagine you are trying to get your elbows above your head.



    Side Lateral Raise Cable

    4 Sets (8-10REPS x’s 2sets, 6-8REPS x’s 2 sets)

    – Stand arms length from the side of machine.
    – Starting position should have hand resting on top of thy closet to machine.
    – Raise arm up across body, you can try finishing with either with palm facing forward or down.


    Rear Delt Fly

    4 SETS (8-10REPS x 2 sets, 6-8 REPS x 2 sets)

    – Position the seat so your arms will be straight out when gripping handles.
    – Make sure to straddle the seat tightly & dig chest into the pad.
    – Keep the emphasis on the read delt, don’t force the weight with your arms.
    – Leave your ego at the door on this one, go light & worry about the strain in the delt.


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