• The Facts About Hemp Protein


    Hemp Protein PowderFact #1 Hemp Protein does not get you high, saw many inquiries about that LOL. Hemp contains 0% THC the component found in marijuana which gets you high. It’s legal and safe to consume, consumption would not cause you to fail a drug test.

    The second fact I can tell you is that I have never before used Hemp Protein. All my results in the gym have come from either whey protein, casein or weight gainer. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t try it or recommend it. I’ve just never been turned onto it is all. I often fall victim to purchasing many of the mainstream “meat-head” kind of products which have always worked for my desired look of size with definition.

    I am aware that Hemp Protein does provide numerous benefits & would be great for vegetarian’s who want to avoid soy. It’s possible one day I’ll give it a go but the whole “ain’t broke then dont fix it” motto is coming to mind right about now 🙂


    Here’s the basic bio on Hemp Protein.

    • Normally, plant protein sources are regarded as inferior to their animal counterparts because they lack sufficient amino acids. Hemp protein, however, is a complete protein. It provides adequate amounts of essential amino acids, and even provides an array of other benefits not seen in regular whey protein products!*
    • Alongside its quality protein, hemp provides very low net carbs, lots of fiber, and a small amount of healthy fats. It is a great alternative for vegetarians and for those who would like to avoid soy due to allergies or digestive difficulties.* It can be mixed with juice or water like regular proteins, mixed into food, or even eaten directly—it has a natural, nutty taste. SOURCE


    Here’s a few helpful reviews, plus a video discussing Hemp Vs. Whey protein


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