• Leg Training


    4 Sets (8REPS, 6REPS x’s 2sets, 3-4REPS)

    -I keep feet slightly passed shoulder width stance,toes pointed out.
    -I prefer bar high up on traps, some keep it lower down on back (use what works for you).
    -Sink butt down first, knees should bend second. Imagine sitting into a chair.
    -Chest out & up, will help support the weight.
    -Drive up through heels.



    4 SETS (8-10REPS x 2 sets, 6-8 REPS x 2 sets)

    -I start by placing one foot in the machine close to the edge of the step
    -Then I get my shoulders under the pad with my hands in place
    -Last I glance down & get my other foot in place without moving from the current possition
    -Lower as you would a squat with butt first, knees second.
    -I go as low as the machine allows then drive up through heels while squeezing with hamstrings & glutes.



    3 SETS (8-10 REPS)

    -Volume is what I have in mind at this point,trying to pump the muscles till they scream.
    -I always change up my feet position on the plate, some days more narrow with feet high up & others further apart with feet in middle.
    -Main thing I keep in mind is not locking out EVER! Should be constant up & down keeping muscles stretching entire time.


    Seated Leg Curls

    3 SETS (8-10REPS, )

    -I often super-set this with Leg Extensions
    -Make sure that you are locked into the machine tight, I move seat back almost all the way forward,top pad comes down firmly over mid thy, foot pad should be roughly 4 fingers above ankle
    -Make sure to squeeze with hamies & even hold for 1 sec while controlling the weight as you slowly release


    Leg Extensions

    3 SETS (8-10REPS, )

    -Similar to leg curls get yourself wedged into the machine tight
    -I keep myself in middle to front of seat, foot pad just above ankle
    -Make sure to squeeze with Quads & even hold for 1 sec while controlling the weight as you slowly release

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