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Motivation – BuffBlogger


Motivation Begins with a Decision

Can’t Seem To Stay Motivated?

Studies show that the brain works in a protective way, resistant to change

The problem isn’t you, it’s that our brain is programed to locate rewards andmotivation escape pain or discomfort. Realizing that any new goals set that include changes to our behavior or thinking-patterns will naturally be resisted is the first step in understanding why people easily lose motivation.

Rewiring Your Brain

Think of it like shifting gears in the car manually

Now that we know the brain wants to play it safe, i.e. “short term satisfaction”, we must plan an attack on it from another angle. We must override the small & momentary rewards with something bigger & better. Setting a goal that will require true hard work & effort is the only way to win this fight against the mighty short term satisfaction devil on our shoulder.

Set a Goal

The brain is stimulated by achievement, releasing dopamine creating a sensation of pleasure

So dopamine plays a key role in keeping us focused on our goals and motivating us to attain them, rewarding our attention and achievement by elevating our mood. That is why we feel good when we work towards our goals. It’s this feeling that, when unlocked, has the power to override our previous habits and create our new positive way of life.

What To Do Next

Begin with the following guidelines from my “Go Buff Yourself” lifestyle guide.

  1. Set a Goal
  2. Caveman Diet
  3. Some over None
  4. Sack Up!
  5. Don’t Quit

Why This Approach Is So Effective

These guidelines have been designed to help you focus 100% on reshaping the habits in your daily life. I’ve identified that these are the fundamentals of my success in maintaining a health & fitness lifestyle over the past 15 years. They are simple to apply to your life & more importantly easy to comprehend. When used as a daily reference point they have the power to overcome many of life’s obstacles & produce real results.

How To Get Started

If you’d like to speak with Buff Blogger you may schedule a Fitness Consultation by calling (407) 490-0599

You may also schedule your consultation via email here: Email me!


“I’m extremely proud of this guideline system & the possibilities that it has to offer you. I’ve done the hard part in selecting the most important rules to focus on, now it’s simply up to you to use them.”

-Buff Blogger