• What You Didn’t Know About Eating Before Bed

    late nite snack,kitten,meme,eating lateNever eat an hour before bed or you’ll wake up a fatty right?

    Maybe not says Tanya Zuckerbrot (registered dietitian and the bestselling author).

    In Tanya’s article about “Tips for eating late without gaining weight” she points out how it doesn’t matter when you eat. Whether you gain, lose or maintain your weight comes down to how many calories you eat and burn each day.

    Myself being a hardgainer I’ve never had to worry about the “Late Nite Snack Fairy” paying me a visit to increase my jean size in the night. In fact one of my favorite bedtime snacks for “GAINZ” is whole wheat toast with peanut-butter & honey :p

    So when girls are all like “I so gained 5lbs last night from that crouton I ate after 8:00 PM” I assumed they were certified nutritionists who obviously knew what they were talking about…

    late nite snack,ice cream,ben & jerry's, eating before bedPyramid calories from high in morning to low in evening, fill up on fiber & snacking before dinner are just a few of Tonya’s tips for eating lite at nite.

    So the moral here is that yes eating junk before bed makes it easier to add unwanted lbs, but. A dinner containing lean protien & non-starchy veggies can actually kick up your metabolism burning off more of your meal.

    Reach Tanya Zuckerbrot at Ffactor.com

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