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You Wont Believe The Things That People Try To Exercise With – BuffBlogger
  • You Wont Believe The Things That People Try To Exercise With

    I’ve been exercising now for over 10 years with some great results might I add, and you know what’s never been a part of my workout routine? Everything on this list!

    It’s honestly hilarious to think how much money companies have made off of products that seriously serve ZERO purpose in life.

    Actually I take that back, the comedic value that these products offer is invaluable, they’re like the gift that just keeps on giving.

    Oh, and before you lose sleep over whether or not #20 is real or fake, I took the liberty of investigating to determine that it is in fact a hoax.


    1.) iGallop – Strengthen your core muscles while riding this horse-less horse. Yeehaw!

    2.) Walkstation – Perfect for those who don’t feel enough like they’re going nowhere with their career.

    3.) WiFi Body Scale – This device automatically tweets your daily weigh-ins, so don’t even think about unfollowing your diet.

    4.) The Slimming and Toning System – Vacuum cellulite away! Or at least try to with this sucky product.

    5.) Mandometer – This product lets you know if you’re eating too fast… so don’t swallow your food whole.

    6.) Taizo the Robot – Because personal trainers who don’t understand human emotion are too hard to come by.

    7.) Gamercize – Participants must keep moving or else the game they’re playing will shut off. I hope there’s a pause button.

    8.) Hawaii Chair – Try this at work and hula your job away.

    9.) The Dumbbell Phone – Sure your weight might go down, but you know that phone bill is going to go up.

    10.) The ABhancer – Yeah, man, you GET those indentations!

    11.) Talking Hand Exerciser – If this thing says anything other than “I don’t respect you,” it’s a liar.

    12.) Sit Fit Exercise Device – The only thing this exercises is your coworkers’ patience.

    13.) The Europlate Vibraslim – You’ll probably burn some calories trying to figure out what this does.

    14.) The Rock and Go Exerciser – For those about to rock, we shake our heads at you.

    15.) The Peddler – Biking without any of the fun.

    16.) The Gazelle Freestyle – Ponytail not included.

    17.) The Neckline Slimmer – I don’t know if it will make your neckline any slimmer, but it will certainly thin out that wallet.

    18.) The Bounce Back Chair – I’m for any exercise that involves sitting, even if it doesn’t work.

    19.) The Shakeweight – I know you want to get jacked, but maybe tone it down a bit.

    20.) The Free Flexor – Gross. Get a workout room, you two!

    21.) Treadmill Bike – I’m all for getting rid of a bike’s pedals, but bring back the pegs!

    22.) 2-Step Under-Desk Dancercise for Feet – Silently shuffle those pounds away.

    23.) The Slendertone Bottom Toner – Call me when it’s The Slendertone Bottom Embiggener.

    24.) Toning Shoes – Just because Kim Kardashian does something doesn’t mean you should.

    25.) The Face Trainer – The only way to make that mug of yours unbreakable.

    (via Distractify, Huffington Post)

    The bottom line when it comes to fitness equipment is that if it has a commercial that resembles a summer blockbuster advertisement then it’s probably going to be just as big of a dud.

    Read more: http://viralnova.com/bizarre-fitness-products/

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